Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2007

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1. Listen To The Quiet (mono) (2:05)
2. Listen To The Quiet (stereo) (2:10)

Media: 45
Titles: Listen To The Quiet (mono) / Listen To The Quiet (stereo)
Label: Capitol
Catalog: PRO 1021
Date: early 1960s
Nicht vorhanden im CD-Format.

Brett And Lori - Life (1971)
B-seite zu Brett und Lori - "Lady of Nature"
Ich bevorzuge die B-seite jedoch.

"The B-side is silence, meant to represent a recording in Grand Central Station in the year (I think) 2000.
It was believed that, by year 2000, the world would have blown itself up." Brett Slattery (des Brett und Lori)

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