Samstag, 9. Februar 2008



Dr.Schnauzer hat gesagt…

You can't post pictures like that without some kind of explanation.
I'm in shock.

Please don't tell me those are yours!

thudlike hat gesagt…

Got anything for a headache, Doc?

This is what remains of my record collection after a house fire in the year 2000. All but one record was melted beyond recognition. The album? A Barry Manilow picture disc.

Happened to stumble across these old photos today.

Plumes of vinyl smoke were smelled for miles. I watched it burn from the parking lot below, barefoot in the wee hours, laughing and laughing...what else can you do as you watch all your material possessions burn?

Still collect vinyl but not as obsessively, as most of it can be found elsewhere.

Dr.Schnauzer hat gesagt…

Have a pill
no, have two!

I know a few maniacal collectors who I can give a good scare with these...

thudlike hat gesagt…

So much for trying to keep my records in somewhat decent condition, eh?
Underscored for me the temporariness of material things.

Kkkkara hat gesagt…

That's what your house looked like after the fire?! How sad!

I'll always remember that hilarious summer the two of us spent living at Tashmoo Ave after that. I've never had a better yard sale partner.

El-Change-O! hat gesagt…

Last I checked it still looks just like this. I'm suprised they don't drive the tour bus by there.

thudlike hat gesagt…

Yes, it still stands,trapped in time, 8 years later, burial chamber for decades worth of crate-digging thrift stores/yard-sales. Mausoleum for one of my biggest fuck-ups. My prized authentic Norwegian Viking helmet, gone.

And yes Kkkkara that was fun scouring the island for useless knick-knacks. I recall the giant tentacled, suction-cup clock I purchased to stick on the front of my van, so people driving the other way could see what time it was.

But not to dwell on the past.
Putting this blog on pause while I rethink it a bit.

Alison hat gesagt…

my heart...

romylover hat gesagt…

oh my god my worst nightmare! i feel for you thudlike!

thombeau hat gesagt…


Glad you survived!

thudlike hat gesagt…

Thanks. Didn't mean to instigate a pity party. Or maybe I did! Bruised ego fumbling charred credentials...

Hope to post something soon

Ike島田Shimada hat gesagt…

A friend of mine have the same "sort" in the south of Brazil.
He lost their big vinil collection and books in a house fire.
But he lives!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Just found your blog with those horrible pictures...
Never seen such a funeral.

But all material things can be bought again - maybe.

thudlike hat gesagt…

Thanks. Awkward place for me to pause posting. Back w/ some new finds soon.

Tibanor hat gesagt…

I have no words... Good luck and hope you'll still have pleasure collecting.

Dr. Z hat gesagt…

what a fuck!


thudlike hat gesagt…

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.....

johannes hat gesagt…

Man, you are great.
If this would happen to me I think I could never collect anything again. I dont have so much records (maybe 700) but I wouldn't know where to start. What did you do when you find one of this records in a recordshop. Maybe it costs much more as you payed for it. My god, I couldn't imagine that.
You got all my respect for "going on" and do your thing.
Best wishes from germany, Johannes.

thudlike hat gesagt…

Thanks johannes
I stopped collecting for 3 or 4 years after that fire. Vinyl is getting harder and harder to find...

I had some real oddball stuff in this collection. Some of it appears online every once in a while---but not the real freak stuff.

Tony hat gesagt…

This is why we share.

I think I would have laughed too. George Carlin reminded us that "stuff" is just bullshit.

Oh but records--that's the good bullshit!

Perhaps Barry Manilow is evil? 8-)

den nc usa hat gesagt…

My condolences on your loss, but over time, the self finds other selves and other finds.
The collector is one who keeps things. The hunter and gatherer (perhaps you are one too?) is one who looks in his or her world for the motions of life, the needs of food and imagination, and the wanderings of the many who populate our lives.
The hunter and gatherer in me spurs you on to greater heights. You cannot morn the sunset. The fire of self-immolation does not come from without. Within, your explorer spirit lives on to discover again, and again, and again.
Ever onward and hark, listen... What is that we hear?

Anonym hat gesagt…

That's horrible.


fzebuck hat gesagt…

my worst nightmare !
My collection and I live in a 103 year old house....
Wood frame, gas heat.

thudlike hat gesagt…

Thanks again, all. That fire was in the year 2001. I gave up collecting vinyl for a couple years after that, but have since amassed a bunch of records.
The burnt structure is still sort of standing, feel free to browse the burnt remnants!
I am about to relaunch this site after an extended hibernation, so stay tuned!

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When you get your cigars from Tomtom, They shall be packed in an airtight ziploc bag, Which will hold the humidity of your cigars while you transport them from the shop to your humidor. These bags are a very efficient short-run humidor, However we would not suggest you leave your cigars sealed in these bags for more than one month. Although humidity will be run, Cigars also need to be exposed to some fresh air to help them to 'breathe' and age correctly,This is what Kohls stores actually do. It compliments teens by stocking their best colour, Style and matching clothes that are tailor stitched and custom defined to assuage their souls. It comments wardrobe with excellent matching accessories such as bags, Boots and boots or boots, Sandals effectively as jewelry.[url=]Transformers episodes[/url] 1. Find the salt first. ( This Epsom salt, Sea sodium, Or dendritic sodium, Euro sodium, Traditional salt ) My proposition : It better to mix the sea salt and Epsom salt with some less affordable salt like dead sea salt or Hawaiian salt to make you bath spa more luxurious.Here are a top tips of selecting wedding. They often prefer saree or kurta pyjamas, In agreement with the situation. But sarees gives females more comfort than other outfit. Egypt. El Salvador. EkvatorialGuinea. A way to buy bulk candy is online through candy wholesale and vending machine supply websites. From some, You find candy that is in one at a time wrapped packages and also candy that is not. As an example, You could buy a case of 24 individual bags of M or a giant 25 lb bag of M internet sites have similar prices for the cases of individually wrapped packages as those at Costco or Sam's Club.Lavender bags are another common way of keeping your linens (And the other clothes) Sensing fresh and for keeping insects away. This allows the scent of lavender to find the clothing in your drawer, Nevertheless the dried flower heads don't break off, Bringing you itchy dried bits in your knickers. You can buy readymade lavender bags at gift shops etc.[url=]Being Human Season 1[/url] Superior toThis bag provides great storage for a selection of articles. Made from 1680 cotton, Including a rain hood and reliable zippers which keep the rain out. A rubber base is provided to keep the foot of the bag from getting wet while sitting on the ground.Victorians were known for taking their comfort and enjoyment very seriously when they traveled, Whether tremendous many or shortdistance. Often with many, Many fecal material luggage, Even for weekend trips into the, The numerous pieces of heavy luggage and hand baggage would astound baggage carriers today. Farther trips meant even more luggage was was required to carry clothes, Fancy outfits, And many personal items needed for a superior Victorian vacation,[url=]Sons of Anarchy actors[/url] All evil is here by banned from my bloodlineThe upside is that mother and father dont expect anything besides me doing my best. Tell your folks that they should only expect your best. And your best cannot be achieved when you're helping out with your little sister's upbringing. To action this disorder, Abounding solutions knowledgeable up. Heating, Alignment gathering or amassing emails which accustomed big email sending to astronomic sources. This casework offered to speed fb admirers and to get you bags of Facebook friends.After drying tea bags in the sunshine

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The re charging can be done via the yard-long USB cable that you can plug to the computer, or faster asking for, I put it in the USB power adapter from of my own devices (Android
smartphone, Amazon kindle, etc) along with continue deploying it
wirelessly. Which means that you will only end up spending $47 on this unit.
Another great aspect of this remote is that it comes with a
recharging dock.

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There are many free online games readily available for young kids, teens, as well
as grown ups. This way you are not disappointed when you get residence,
and you won't have to make a excursion back to the shop. People are now looking to be able to connect to things like their vehicles through their smart phones, and now Buick has announced the release of their new e - Assist Fuel Effeciency smartphone games.

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Both drugs have also been denied FDA approval
the first time around and are awaiting news on their second attempt.
In fact, I always suggest to those overweight vegetarians to keep
to a max of 4 pounds a week so you won't suffer loose skin post weight loss. Then leave it a while until your tummy lets you know that you're hungry again before opting for a healthy snack.

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So now you can listen to any music from any where
non-stop and cost free. "Mike" is Mike Dean, according to the scanty information available, and beyond that there's not much about him. Closed at heels, all the interruptions of RJs too can be kept aside, thanks to odysseystreaming.

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So how do you select the finest shop from all the retailers that offer this camera.
1MP resolution and you can be sure of high quality photos with it.

Some cameras are simple point and shoot while others have many different modes for taking pictures.

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They want to win by playing their very best as opposed to winning by putting the other person off.
Just last year Apple sold more than one hundred million i - Phone and
i - Pad apps. The nature of Reddit's platform makes it possible -- through great and creative effort, it appears -- to give users a gift of the unexpected, rather than deriving humor from humiliation.

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It was starting to get dark and Jeff has been gone a long time.
S'mores Stuff (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow) & Skewers for roasting the marshmallows (toddlers should always be supervised when around flames or sharp instruments). A head light is one of the most essential camping gadgets during night for the convenience, if there is no power supply at the site of camping.

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This is more important than ever in a world where there are dozens
of different audio formats. This means that everyone in the whole wide world can access this new kind of radio and you are assured that the programs as well as the
list of radio stations you are listening to are all automatically
updated. You will need an outside antenna to get clear reception on
your radio.

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They want to win by playing their very best as opposed to winning by putting the other person
off. Just last year Apple sold more than one hundred million i - Phone and i - Pad apps.
Making your game play is the next phase you'll be focusing on.

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Try simple games and check how your internet connection is and then move on play more games.

At the same time, web games seemed like the future of gaming, and we wanted to be a part of it.
The main reason why you would want to do this is simple,
you can unlock the true potential of your purchase.

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They want to win by playing their very best as opposed
to winning by putting the other person off. This means to sell your mods would be considered the same as pirating the game itself.
Online gaming is a popular way to spend enjoyable time at a low cost for hours on end.

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I have interviewed a few parents to attempt to understand what their true objection is
with their child playing video games. All that
energy is boxed in, amplified by the space. In addition, you can save
the effort of coding the store functionality, virtual goods dependencies, billing
interfaces and rewards.

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For any kind of luxury item of consumption, MAD
(Money, Authority and Desire) is required.

Hardware mechanisms used in the manufacturing of a Wi - Fi internet
radio system is less complicated and the point of ergonomics is kept in mind
by the manufactures. What s more is that 2G phones can come
in a tinier and slimmer package, even its batteries.

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This is more important than ever in a world where there are dozens of different
audio formats. Much of your best players marketplaces
in the united states are supervised. Many people will be happy with replaceable batteries for home
use and occasional outings.

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Try simple games and check how your internet connection is and then move on play more games.

It combines RPG elements and strategy for a very interesting game where
you must stop the rows of pirates ship from making
their way down the river. The most unique thing about Ouya is that it is
said to be "open" -- although what this means is up for interpretation.

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That Halloween, right after she turned four, she told
the story over and over, to anyone who would listen, delighting in making them jump when she yelled the spooky ending.
Of course, when it comes to song and ordered modulations and reinventions, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears should
be believed. However, believe it or not poems
:: ::
about getting back together actually can be quite powerful when attracting your
ex back into your life.

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You can pick up basic equipment for very little or you can go for higher quality tackle and spend hundreds or thousands.
One of the benefits of fishing is that it is not physically demanding.
One can find another 2 options as to wholesale fishing rod, which might
be hollow-tip rods and reels and spliced-tip rods.

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Bears, coyotes, raccoons, and even wolves can be quite unwelcome
in your campsite, especially if they are helping themselves to
your food or your dog's food. Also, bigger animals may flock to the campsites: foxes, badgers and in some areas even bears may come uninvited, attracted by the smell of food and leftovers. A head light is one of the most essential camping gadgets during night for the convenience, if there is no power supply at the site of camping.

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Much like Safari, the Camera app, the App Store and i
- Pod, Game Center has no option to be deleted when editing your apps.
Imagine never having to worry about what to wear to work, and even
the infuriating traffic jams that never seem to end.
But what happens when a player runs out of race tokens.

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In other trick taking games, players can take tricks on a number of kind of contract.
All that energy is boxed in, amplified by the space. It sounds like you log
into the game and join a "Shadow war" server and play with hundreds of other players within that PVP world, but that world is different
from the cooperative Arkfall boss hunting world.

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When writing this article I found some great information about
and at. As one might have guessed, Si's little nap turns into an overnight stay at Phil and Kay's.
There was no swimming at Buttermilk Falls during the week but the staff suggested we drive two miles to Treman State Park - and WOW what a swimming hole they have.

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